Those who use LaTeX as a Text editor and try to include postscript images are familiar with the problem: some graphic editors (eg. CorelDraw) append data at the end of EPS-Files which results in compilation errors.

PostScriptPruner prunes and removes unnecessary data from Encapsulated Postscript files.


Do you use Subversion/Tortoise for version control? With DeSVN you can recursively remove all the .svn directories while copying your repositories. In this manner you can modify, copy and paste an entire directory tree to a repository without damaging it.


Signalbased interpreted Petrinets (SIPN) are ideal for designing process flows and system modelling. Petrinets permit us to access modelled processes using mathematical methods and are suitable for the verification of algorithms. The trial version of the program PetriNets gives you a rough idea of the petrinet world.


Blockoriented Simulation with HiLDa. Download a trial version here.

Download link follows shortly.

Trial verion of the project planing software IntelligentDisplay. The Demoversion is part of the development kit “Intelligent Display” and enables the design of the graphical inteface for your individual purpose.

Download link follows shortly.