Automation of complex plants is an exciting field of work involving concepts from the areas of mechatronics, process control technology, security related process monitoring and signal generation.

Automation comprises of elements belonging to the field (field devices, sensors, actuators, signal conditioning) as well as elements belonging to the areas of operating and monitoring at the level of process and plant control.

Automation systems at the field level are conventionally highly available PLC systems in combination with various extended devices. For applications requiring high levels of computational capabilities we usually recommend redundant industrial PC systems or industrial PCs in combination with PLC systems.

We develop software for our customers for the acquisition, storage, online and offline processing of process related data. We also offer flexible solutions for coupling existing PLC systems or processes to ERP systems.
Hengen Engineering deals with:

  • System design, Design of control cabinets and plant components
  • PLC Programming
  • Visualisation (using in-house developments or proprietary products)
  • Verifying the correctness of process control algorithms, flows
  • Security related process monitoring
  • Process diagnostics
  • Interfacing image processing devices and cameras
  • Special interfaces for process parameters
  • Bluetooth & Powerline-Data transmission within plants
  • Our in-house PowerPC based automation system for processes with high computational requirements

We possess many years of experience with line end test stands for the automobile industry, industrial extrusion plants und complex plants for automated guided vehicles, machine control for special machines as well as building automation systems (“smart home” and “smart office” concept).