Electromagnetic Compatibility for Electronics

We develop robust and efficient analog and digital electronics conforming to recent design norms and standards (EN60950, EN60335-1,EN61508-x, EN 60695-x, EN-61000-x, EN61010-1, EN60602, EN55011, EN55022, EN55014, EN61326-x) for different fields of application eg. IT-device, laboratory device or home appliance.

We design, develop and dimension for you:

  • Customized controller boards in multilayer technology
  • Boards with high end embedded processors with DDRx-RAM
  • DLP®-Boards (digital light projectors)
  • Signal reconstruction systems with signal preprocessing, A/D components
  • CPLD and FPGA based boards
  • Network and communication components
  • Boards with power elements for electronic commuted servo and steppermotors
  • Safety critical multichannel process control systems
  • Multiple norm devices for IT, laboratory applications or home use
  • Power supply with safe separation for special requirements (SELV based on EN60335-1 or EN60950)
  • Complete electrical and electronic systems

We offer developmental support in the following areas:

... Solutions for complex EMC requirements

  • Board analysis based on schematics
  • Near field testing probe measurements
  • Far field measurements in our 3m chamber ranging from 30MHz to 6Ghz
  • Detection of grid-bound noise using an artifical mains network or with a probe
  • Conception and development of denoising methods

... Solutions for thermal problems

  • Calculating the heat transmission on the board
  • Infrared analysis incl. Video of heat development and testing different stress situations
  • Development of an appropriate thermal cooling concept

... Solutions for interfacing high speed buses

We carry out:

  • EMC precompliance measurements accompanying the product development (not certified)
  • FPGA- und CPLD-Development in VHDL and VERILOG