Digital Micromirror Based Systems

We offer solutions based on Texas Instruments micromirror technology. Digital mirror devices allow the design of very flexible projection systems for 3D metrology, spectrometry, 3D printing, laser marking and illumination/exposure.

2D + 3D Image Processing

Digital Image Processing enables us to incorporate visual feedback into automation systems, to perform 100% quality control directly during production, to monitor processes using cameras and sensors and last but not the least – to automate processes involving very small batch-sizes in a profitable manner.

The term Image Processing covers a vast spectrum of applications extending from standard 2D-Image Processing using cameras and lighting (measuremental applications) up to geometric data processing for medical CAD-CAM-Systems in which complex 3D-Models (voxel- and triangulationbased) need to be generated, displayed and edited.

Digital image processing is a complex and vast field and requires experience and know-how as well as extensive knowledge of tools and techniques.

Engineering provides solutions in the following areas:

  • Camera systems (line and matrix cameras)
  • Development of special lighting, optical systems, laser based systems
  • 3D Data processing (Triangulation, Stereo, Phase shifting methods, run-time scanners, Shape from shading)
  • Data fusion methods (using multiple sensors, sensor fusion)
  • Geometric data processing and reconstruction, determining triangulations from raw sensor data
  • Automatic analysis of camera images
  • Recognition of characters on metal plates using customized image processing algorithms
  • Visualisation in 2D und 3D

We develop software for

  • Image detection and acquisition
  • Image storage in databases
  • Preprocessing of images
  • Filtering
  • Segmentation
  • Feature extraction and Classification