Digital Signal Processing

Due to the availability of modern signal processors, faster CPUs and an increasing variety of complex filter algorithms the area of digital signal processing has gained immense momentum over the past decades.

Costs in a wide range of processes can be minimized by the effective usage of digital filters and hardware components. Themes like automatic technical diagnosis of acquired signals have become more relevant owing to the usage of digital signal analysis in combination with modern estimation and classification methods.

Digital signal processing is an invaluable means of extracting and conditioning measurement data, filtering and retaining essential information and preprocessing signals for storage and subsequent processing.

The possibility to transmit denoised signals without disturbances (eg. via BlueTooth, ZigBee, WiFi or Internet), opens up innumerable possibilities for remote diagnostics and remote processing tasks.

We develop digital signal processing solutions for the following fields of application:

  • Technical Diagnostics – Recognition of faults in mechanical, pneumatic or electrical systems via automatic analysis of the measured signals with or without a dynamic model (signal based or observer based feature extraction)
  • Automatic Classification of load states in real systems
  • Analysis of structure-borne sound
  • Pattern recognition for the processing of speech signals
  • Preprocessing of signals for measurement applications
  • Data compression for signal archiving
  • Medical Signal and Image Processing

One key application of digital signal processing is speech recognition with a high rate of recognition as part of a modern Human Machine Interface.